Past comments by SeanEXE
Injustice: Gods Among Us' button layout and character-specific trait button
Give me Static Shock and take my money!

PSN Street Fighter X Tekken match videos from SSF4Evo
I don't see why I don't see more Ibuki players. Is she bad in this game or something?

Megaman and Pac-man hinted as Vita exclusive Street Fighter X Tekken characters
I still want Megaman in UMvC3 and not this handheld crap!

Roundup: PSN Street Fighter 4 DLC sale, Alex Valle interview & more
If I currently have no DLC costumes for AE and I want to own ALL of the alternate costumes, which packs would I need to buy?

Season's Beatings Velocity Finals between Viscant and Flocker
@5 Call me stupid but I watched the entire thing and didn't see the parts with the cr.L, cr.L, cr.L..............

Incomplete Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 changelog and overview from Eurogamer Expo
That new Zero technology looks pretty cool.

Niitsuma thinks Mega Man X iteration would fit best in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
@6: I think Megaman.EXE would be a great edition to UMvC3. A lot more than any other type of Megaman in my opinion.