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Yamcha and Tenshinhan trailers released for Dragon Ball FighterZ
Im just waiting for mr.satan the true dan that's day 1 main for me besides Freeza and I really hope they consider whiz he's become a favorite character cuz of his design

If Street Fighter 5 gets an updated V-System, what new V-Skills and V-Triggers should characters receive?
Something cool for Vega would be a vtrigger which changes depending on his claw stance like if it's activated with claw on then he gets all his normals to poweup si he can fight in his matador style of poking you to death with his claw, if he activated and removes his claw and mask he goes on his narcissistic straight serial killer (sf2 the movie chin lo scene) style we he's just loses it ...

127-hit Goku combo in Dragon Ball FighterZ
I know the game is no where near done I hope they make the dragon rushes different for ever character so it won't be so repetitive I also hope that they also change up the entrance of each character after one of the team member dies.

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