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Why aren't the 'robbery' characters winning Street Fighter 5 tournaments like they were supposed to?
In my opinion there are tools that transfer to most sf games and that's having a dp a decent fireball and being able to start combos from lights (Karin) so urien and balrog are great but that's why I feel like ryu is underrated and he is placed too low on tiers he has all the tools to fight any character that's why I think akuma is destined to become the strongest character in the ...

Filipino Champ shares his Street Fighter 5 Season 2 tier list, feels the game has overall good balance
Only thing i would change is moving Karin and necalli . Right below the top tiers and moving ryu and Alex towards the middle tiers, I think they are under rated especially Alex

Marn just came out with a Street Fighter 5 Season 2 tier list... you probably disagree with it
I understand that ryu got merged but I feel like ppl are placing him too low, like we have to consider that he has important tools that transfer to every game and character with similar tool have a habit of being top tier from game to game, these moves or tools are dp and a fire ball and really good normals and he can still anti air with a jab so yo don't have to ...

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