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Mortal Kombat XL
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MKXL with characters: [u'Ferra/Torr (Vicious)', u'Sub-Zero (Cryomancer)']
Well i was going to put a 7 out of 3 on this for subzero but then someone just destroyed me today. Practically kept chucking ferra at me everytime i slid and it would hit. She went through my ice ball and got me :/. So now i say its an even match if the frrra/torr player knows how to zone with ferra, because if you can't bumbrush the characters and do your combos then ...

MKXL with characters: [u'Sub-Zero (Cryomancer)', u'Sub-Zero (Grandmaster)']
For the most part is even. Well when I play spamming grandmasters it gets easy to just hammer through the ice clone while they try and turtle. (Watch out for ice ball when you do that). Also its easier to rush them into a corner and do your combos. High level however, if they know how to space well and know when exactly to use their ice clone then it makes it even. So far ...

MKXL with characters: [u'Erron Black (Marksman)', u'Sub-Zero (Cryomancer)']
This guy is a pain to face online. If i find a way to win witb my cryomancer subzero I will post it here.

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