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Community news roundup for November 29th
@ #14 and #15 If you want to watch high level play from Dreamhack,should chek out the losers finals and grand finals. Grand Finals: Losers finals:

Super vs Battle 20-X results for Super Street Fighter 4, HDR, 3rd Strike
@RyanHart do you know why Alioune doesn't travel to international tournaments like Dreamhack, ECL, SVB, EVO etc?

EVO 2010 results
Justin Wong losing to Gamerbee ins't a big deal imo. Gamerbee have proven his skills against the top japanese players like Daigo etc. Justin should have won against Vangief, but it was a tough matchup for Rufus against Zangief, and the match could have gone either way. Even Daigo had huge problems against Lamerbois Guile. Daigo won 2-0, but both games were super close.

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