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Huge-damage combos, chain cancel pressure, and devastating armor attack set ups: Birdie looks strong in these Street Fighter 5 highlights
I just hate his antiair, I'll get him knocked down and try to jump over him for a crossup and he can wake up with that normal move as an antiair which works on both sides of him.

I noticed the V-trigger effects aren't in here. The v-trigger of Necalli never ends. It also makes Necalli's dash much quicker and a larger distance. He also gets a significant damage boost while his v-trigger is activated. But he cannot do a v-reversal while once you activate it. Heres an easy combo that takes no meter. 254Damage 304Damage with V-Trigger Crouching Fierce Punch_____Cancel_____ Medium Valiant Rebellion xxxxLinkxxxx Crouching Medium Punch _____Cancel____ Light Disc Guidance.

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