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Capcom: Premier Events will no longer grant auto-qualification on the Pro Tour - company looks to simplify qualification process in 2017
Yeah right, it's people like Justin Wong and KBrad that travel around the world every weekend who will benefit from this. They don't win anything but get enough points to qualify.

Super Smash Bros. champion has mad Street Fighter 5 skills: ANTi answers Twitter call out and wins with a perfect
Remember a few weeks ago when LTG set up a gofundme to help out a friend in need? I submitted that in the news section, but you guys just ignored it. You guys reached a new low point with this. You refuse to show the positive things that this man does within the FGC, but you're very fast to post every drama article to make him look bad. That's low, very low!

Daigo's book 'The Will to Keep Winning' now available in English on Amazon Kindle
I don't care about kindle books, wtf is wrong with a paper version????

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