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Jann Lee
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Devil Jin

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Latif's nonstop Viper, Neo's stylish Juri, Sonyono's relentless Ibuki... YogaFlame rounds up footage of players we miss from Street Fighter 4
SF4 was horrible my opinion

Which SF5 characters need the most re-balancing? EventHubs staff members have differing opinions, and we want to hear yours
Definitely Ryu Capcom completely butchered him to death The slow normals, the slow fireballs,ST.LK lost its range and the worst one "DP invincible removal" like Ryu can't defense himself! He has no neutral game. Almost the entire cast can bully him to death! Capcom doesn't have to overbuff him, just give him some revamping to make him viable. Hell Daigo got 0-6 in the Topanga League! Buffs Better Fireballs Reasonable Normals Adjust his ST.LK Give ...

Morrigan Soul Drains all day long, Thor and Dr. Strange make great drinking buddies and Dante's combos never end - UMvC3 mega roundup has all you want
I don't even play Marvel, but goddamn Dat Dante combo!!

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