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Dragon Ball FighterZ producer Tomoko Hiroki breaks down the game's new Party Battle Mode
"..up to three players.." i'm not sure if that is correct. last time i checked i couldn't play solo or duo. but then again if the reward is only zeni n coins then there's no real incentive for me to play it, as i already unlocked all the items from the shop few months ago. since then my zeni just keeps piling up without anything to spend it for.

Vegito Blue has a special Dramatic Finish for defeating Fused Zamasu in Dragon Ball FighterZ; here is where it comes from
Just from the screenshot, it already looks far better than the sh*tty DBS anime quality. It looks way more proper DBZ/manga quality. DBS anime looks like crap.

Go1's defense in Dragon Ball FighterZ is -almost- inhuman; this clip is all the proof you need
"Sparking also make Dragon Rush safe and more oppressive" You meant Super Dash, not Dragon Rush. "which does actually end with a successful throw" It's not a throw, it's Trunks 236L or qcf+L special move which is a strike, not a throw. So Go1 was finally hit by a frametrap.

'In my tier list, Necalli is just below the top tiers ... He's very strong, but hard to play safely' - Brolynho talks Necalli, LatAm region and more
Just another typical western player with their typical ego.

Chanel's Eliza suddenly becomes drowsy and takes a nap before the timer expires against Knee - TWFighter Major day one Tekken 7 highlights
"her rage drive" should be "her rage art".

Tekken 7 1.07 update now live, adds handful of balance changes
Chloe main here as well ^^

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition retail listing spotted on UK gaming site
I bought SFV day one and i'm not an idiot. You can call yourself an idiot all you want, but don't lump everyone else with you.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition retail listing spotted on UK gaming site
Hey, u're back!๐Ÿ˜ I was wondering why u got banned before, but glad to have u back on the comment section again ^_^

Scorpion, Princess Peach, and Ryu attempt to get their fortunes told by Menat in this parody animation
i've been watching this guy's channel since ages ago. for those who haven't, u should, his contents are super hilarious and well worth the time to watch lol #NutsVSGuts

Couple gets married in arcade, then had their first Tekken 6 match as a married couple in celebration
may i see your picture? lol