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Super Smash Bros. 4
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Smashboards thinks their so great. They think they control every aspect of this game and their word is infallible. Their treatment of Lucas, regarding him as a low tier, is proof that they are not. Lucas is CRIMINALLY underrated in this game. Its a sin! So begins my "Lucas is bad" sarcasm that I have used around my friends. As a Ness and Lucas main, I feel like I actually know what I'm talking about. ...

SSB4 with characters: [u'Cloud', u'Ness']
Really??? We're seriously going to say this is even...Ladies and gentlemen....someone on this site has to say it. Cloud is bad. Sorry, the truth hurts. Cloud is so bad in this game. This matchup is 9-1 Ness if its not a 10 - 0 which is what I think it is. Cloud has no safe on shield options which crushes him in this match. Ness, who relies on punishes, can destroy anything he does. His ...

SSB4: Ness - PK Flash
Ah, Pk Flash! The supernova!!! Now, I've went back and forth on this move in Smash 4. After a lot of self debate, I have come to terms with the fact that this move has its matchups. Sometimes, its useless. It really is. But sometimes, it can be the correct option. Basics: It travels more when you make it go behind you. It breaks shields off a short hop. It does. But there really isn't ...

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