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Past comments by RootBeerCannon
Svensson covers Street Fighter X Tekken's netcode patch, PC benchmark tool and BBB rating for Capcom
Ask business questions, get dodgy business answers. Nobody should be surprised.

Skullgirls best selling game on Xbox Live Arcade today
@HyperCombinationFinish #5 Pretty sure that's just the number of people who have submitted a rating.

Street Fighter X Tekken - The Online Warrior: downloadable content, rage of the fighting game community
Spreading disproved rumors should be bannable.

Kusoru's tier listing for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
@CommonerChaos #16 I thought it was something like that, thanks for confirmation.

Kusoru's tier listing for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Kusoru is misspelled in the title and body text. Also, I'm curious what the Japanese text says. It appears each of the two axes represent different things, so it'd be nice to know what those labels say.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Ancient Warrior and the complete value costume packs on sale today
Goodbye, Spaineto. :c

Cole, Kuro and Toro lack storylines in Street Fighter X Tekken, Scramble Mode details
@Oroku_Saki #5 99% sure Ono's not the one writing the devblogs. It's the assistant producer or someone else, can't remember exactly.

Leaked gameplay footage of Elena and Blanka in console version of Street Fighter X Tekken
I'll wait and see before I pass judgment. It's a little silly to be outraged about a price tag that might exist. Sure, Capcom's track record points to the possibility of these characters costing me cash, but there's no use in me bitching about it until I can know for sure.

Mega Man and Pac-Man video intros for Street Fighter X Tekken
@NyuBomber #2 I actually kind of agree that a game based solely on Bad Box Art Mega Man would be fun to see.

Capcom happy with Street Fighter 3's video upload, looking to use it more - Magneto replacement costume unlikely
Profound sadness.