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Rashid flies into (and through) a fireball, two Vegas knock heads and more - YogaFlame's latest video lists top 5 Double K.O.s in Street Fighter 5
I had a double Ko. We both lost 6pt. But got full fight money!

He's incredibly fast, strong at any range, and has some of the best pokes in the game; Street Fighter 5 official Vega guide
I find too many Vega players forgot his FBA was his prime skill. Being a SRK motion, automatically meant for me "abuse-able" skill! You can easily link a HK FBA cross over into a LP qcb slash, then into Critical Arts. Most players just try to do the clawless cr.MP into roll combo. That's great dmg, but he has other skills other than his rolls. I didn't know the EX FBA can go through multi ...

I have been playing around with FBA with claws on and off. Just a tip, I had forgotten the different kick strengths changes his initial height wall jump. I have found that a HK FBA backwards the hold uptowards can easily avoid jumping counter attacks and even SRK! Back to main point. Claw on: If you land a claw strike, either from a cross over or direct frontal ground hit, you can link it into ...

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