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Necro sends Rashid a hidden message in Street Fighter 5's story mode, other absent characters mentioned
So, you don't have Akuma showing up in the first 4 seasons of SFV? I highly doubt that; he is too popular/important of a character.

If we only focus on hardcore player feedback, it would lock Street Fighter 5 off from other people says Ono
If they want to draw in more lower end, general gamers, they need to have many more "fun" modes, like "World Tour Mode", the card collecting mode from UMvC3, some kind of all out brawl mode with 2+ players, round robin team matches (like KoF)... these kinds of things aren't eSports centric, but they draw in people to play for fun... and from having fun, they might also try to compete. You have to get ...

F.A.N.G revealed as Street Fighter 5's final launch character
Some people need to grow a sense of humor...

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