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34 sketches of new alternative Super Street Fighter 4 outfits
I think Balrog took Dudley's advice seriously and kept it classy.

Peaceful Jay's live 24/7 Super Street Fighter 4 stream
I don't see any Zeniside videos up there.

34 sketches of new alternative Super Street Fighter 4 outfits
El Fuerte's alt is super sick with it.

'Considerable' changes made to Super Street Fighter 4 arcade, new alts.
Most of these alts are horrible. Almost every single concept art costume is better than what they're giving most of these characters. It makes me want to take down the person who gives the go for these costumes and viciously beat him in hate-filled ground and pound.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 trailer, Frank West confirmed?
@Clover4Lyf "Until this list has a person NOT on's the most accurate thing we have!" This made me lol so hard. Oh logic, where art thou? T. Bonne is alright. She was fun as hell in MvC2 gameplay-wise though, so I'm not that disappointed.

First look at Sakura's alt. costume in Super Street Fighter 4

Interview with Seth about current and future SF projects
I wish I could have a public relationship with S-Kill.

Skull bomb is a hint that B.B. Hood will be in Marvel vs. Capcom 3?
^ Scroll down EventHubs main page, 2nd article from the bottom.

Juri tattoo that didn't pan out so well
Looks like Harley Quinn to me.

Teaser image for Super Street Fighter 4 arcade shows part of Yun's body
@Clovr4Lyf Don't be a snitch, lol. Yun's inclusion got me hype. Him and Yang are my personal favorite characters in the SF universe.