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Past comments by RandomPlayer
Back dash cancel tutorial for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 by Aris
@Lordd_G #6 Exactly how is it racist? Some people call it "Korean back dash" because Korean players discovered it and were the first to use it back in the Tekken Tag Tournament (the first one) days.

EVO 2012 results
WATCH ALL 6 EVO STREAMS IN ONE PAGE OVER HERE: stream only: stream and chat: you can customize which stream/chat you wanna include by changing the end of the url: to include stream: j=# to include chat: jc=# separate them with an "&" list of #: srkevo1: 611 srkevo2: 612 srkevo3: 613 iebattlegrounds: 596 8wayrun: 349 xiei: 624

Tekken receives it's own Korean TV game show entitled Tekken Busters, equivalent of $7,800 USD up for grabs
@#1 SuperTurboFinisher Not really. Cross Assault was streamed over the internet rather than broadcasted on TV. Also this seems to be more of a broadcasted tournament rather than a reality show. Korea has had TV shows for Tekken tournaments such as Tekken Crash way before Cross Assault. That's not not surprising since Tekken is very popular there compared to other fighting games.

SSF4 AE 2012 and SFxT high-level ranked matches featuring Poongko, -6, Ichi, Zangitan, Bonchan, Jyobin
@ricefarmer #8 GodsGarden stream had hype moments. Did you see OMG moments in SF4 when it was less than a month old?

Gem selection idea for Street Fighter X Tekken, concept and video
@JTLaVi #11 Read the picture again properly. The "virtual keypad" is your arcade stick, pad, or whatever controller you use. You use directional inputs to specify what number you want to choose.

Updated: Details on Street Fighter X Tekken's tournament gem selection, online sound issue improvements
@thekidba1 #40 Well then how about a combination that idea and Capcom's dial system? You can memorize/input 5-digit number for first gem loadout selection. Use the dial system to change out a specific gem in case you wanna adapt to you're opponent.

Updated: Details on Street Fighter X Tekken's tournament gem selection, online sound issue improvements
@thekidba1 #32 He did suggest an idea in his post. The idea was to give every single gem loadout a different number. There is about 57 gems that come with the game. So in total there will C(57, 3) = 29260 possible gem loadouts. They can then assign each gem loadout a distinct id number between 00000 and 29259. That way, players will simply have to memorize and input a 5-digit number to set their ...

Desk's Street Fighter X Tekken combo music video
@dorayaki #17 I didn't see any infinite loops in the video.

Gems disabled in Street Fighter X Tekken for tonight's Big Two #17
Same for WNFAE. Alex Valle says gems will be disabled there until tournament mode comes out where we can load gems from a usb stick.

Street Fighter X Tekken mega roundup: Heaps of combo and technology videos
IMO execution should not be a factor in fighting games. That way the deciding factor of who wins boils down to mind games, strategies, matchup knowledge, reading your opponent etc. To me, a fighting game match has always been more of a battle between minds rather than a battle to see who has better dexterity with their hands. Also execution alone won't win you matches in SF4. Like that Ibuki mirror match between Sako and ...