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Past comments by RandomMeme
Doctor Doom Ultiamte Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
M/H-S-Super Jump-M-M-Foot Dive-S-M-S-Super Jump-M-M-Foot Dive-S-M-Forward H-M-M-Foot Dive-S-Lvl3 Free win.

My personal choices for Infinity Stones for Thanos are Time and Power, usually for one or two uses each. Time for a dash mixup in the air (dash forward+nothing, dash back+nothing, dash forward+time, dash back+time) and the Heavy Punch infinite with the storm. Power for a really scary Final Judgement and Palm Breaker+Power Stone+Sovereign Decree combo that actually works. For partners, my go to are Ultron and Ryu. Ryu if running Power because of an ...