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Necalli gets simplified charge in V-Trigger, crush counter sweeps cause hard knockdown, and more changes from the latest Street Fighter 5 beta

Having trouble finding that 'special someone' on the character select screen? Omni offers guidance with his three steps to finding your main character
This. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on your perspective) I love Ryu. Aesthetically, as a character, playstyle, everything. Always have, ever since SFIICE. So if he's in the game, I main him. Which...leads to a lot of hate and accusations of being basic.

Updated: Street Fighter 5 mini beta live again, not open for PC users; Laura playable
For the love of... stop nerfing Ryu! He was never great to begin with. I mean, I love the way he *feels* in this game, the weight and the animation of his normals, but he's being run into the ground with this stuff.

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