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Past comments by RW
Comebacks, clutch supers, and crazy combos! Wawa the 10-year-old player, Reynald, ChrisG, Bala, Tokido, MadKOF, and more in this KoF13 highlight reel
I love that this is hype with HONOR. Not hype with BS like with most modern fighting games. Good stuff.

King Dedede revealed as next fighter in Super Smash Bros. Wii U / 3DS - artwork and screenshots

Poll: Which 6 games do you most want to see on the official EVO 2014 line up?
UMvC3, SFxT, Skullgirls, P4A, BBCP, and KoF13

Eliza revealed for Tekken Revolution, female vampire character
is her bust size bigger in the last few seconds or something? i noticed that and it confused me

Ultra David talks NSA monitoring online gamers on national television publicaiton, Aljazeera America
we e$port$ now?

Street Fighter artwork shows what could be the 5th Ultra Street Fighter 4 character, possibly Retsu
wtf that's basically the umvc3 cover also lol @12 hahahahahahahhahaaha dying

Zato-1 officially revealed for Guilty Gear Xrd Sign, mysterious character outline shown
My best bet is on either Zappa, A.B.A. or Valentine... BUT if not a returning character it'll just be a new one. I feel like it could be Zappa confined to a bed and being haunted by the nightmares of S-Ko, so that's what all the crazy stuff around him is. But the other part of me think it's Valentine hospitalized because her weapon is a balloon and for some reason people bring balloons to ...

3D renders of Terry Bogard, Geese Howard, Nakoruru, Haohmaru and Alice pop up on SNK-Playmore's website
please let it be a game and not something stupid ;_;

November EventHubs subscriber giveaway is a free copy of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
LOL You'd have to pay me to play that, EH

BubblanAB7: Popi says I'll win both Marvel and KoF at Shadowloo Showdown 2013 free, and I agree with him - EventHubs exclusive interview
... Who?