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Solid Snake sneaks into Ultra Street Fighter 4, Catwoman steals a spot in the roster, and Aquaman dives into the fight in these PC mods
I really, REALLY want to see Solid Snake in Street Fighter V!!!

Video: Street Fighter 5 exhibition match between Daigo (Ryu) and GamerBee (Chun) at Sony PlayStation's Taipei Game Show booth
I really hope they put back focus attack in this one. I like it but it's too slow and there is too much emphasis on the flashy stuff (like the fire-balls) If Capcom could tone that down and speed the game up a couple more stars...we should be good to go. But all for NOW, Ultra is their best work.

USF4 with characters: [u'Ibuki', u'M. Bison']
M.Bison has no price to pay after his Short Scissor Kick. That's a big part of his offence. Ibuki has no answer for it. Some times the answer is not a Nerf, but a buff in the range of one of the opponent's normals.

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