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Update: My Hero Academia's Izuku Midoriya joins the roster of Jump Force; First screenshots of Trunks, Boa Hancock and Renji Abarai released
I think he was referring to her being the first from One Piece, not this game.

Tekken 7's pre-order character Eliza becomes available to the public on July 28th, free Taiko no Tatsujin DLC also inbound
The way I see it, Eliza was never a part of an official Tekken game, just Revolution which was free to play unless you wanted thingsd quickly. As far as I am concerned she is more or less still a guest character since that game is even more standalone than the Tag series is.

Javits challenged the Street Fighter 5 community to K.O. Akuma in just two combos... they did... with 14 characters thus far
That's honestly up to the person issuing the challenge. If there's no way to stop the reset from happening then I'm guessing technically it still counts. But I guess until either they catch the reset or not, we won't truly know. But all in all it's still two combos. Just that where the reset happens a light didn't start it.

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