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Updated: Seth confirms undocumented changes to Super Street Fighter 4 AE v2012
#17 But guile players are the cheapest of them all after blanka players. There's a saying that was made of lamerboi awhile ago. "If someone get's in on you playing guile, then you play him wrong" That is a +/- statement. He's deffo one of the best and will remain top tier forever. Just because his spacing properties are just too strong in the right hands. So buffing ultras here and there. No thank you, ...

Kazunoko vs. Daigo and Mago's Akuma/Sagat Super Street Fighter 4 AE results
#15 Hahahah, theres people still thinking america has hope? Come on, america is downright worst out of all regions now. It's Japan, Europa then we perhaps have america. Looks like even canada is better than you guys now. Just stop.. Making my stommach act up out of laughing to hard. Hahaha oh god. :D

Super Street Fighter 4 AE v2012 patch notes soon, El Fuerte only got better
I ment #26*

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