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(Here is the rest of the post below. I could not implement all of this into one post because of the 3000 character limit, which is dumb and counterproductive if people are trying to explain tips and tricks. Not only that, but also I had to wait about 10 minutes to post this part because of the anti-spam system. Love this website.) A few Lucas combos: Dair > Up Tilt x2 > Uair x1-3 (0% ...

Lucas, although seen as the much more inferior Mother series character, is a very viable and somewhat technical character. He has been thought to be a mid-tier for a long time, but like many characters, a little devotion can show how good he can be in higher tiers. His moveset has a very similar likes of Ness', in which their moves are similar, but structurally completely different. One thing to note is that Lucas is ...

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