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This user joined EventHubs on May 11, 2020.
Games, skill levels & characters
Games and skill levelMainSecondThird
Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
Ultra Street Fighter 4
Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate
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11 DPs in a single round, kangaroo style, taunts for days, and plenty more; 'No Respect' Street Fighter 4 action is the best
The only disrespect here is disrespect to themselves. Was expecting some legit higher lvl disrespect, not just a bunch of jumping noobs.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition title update Ver. 05.031 patch notes
People still play SFV?

USF4 with characters: [u'Chun-Li', u'Gouken']
This matchup is in Gouken's favor. She cant beat him in fireball game and hard for her to get in. Gouken has alot of answers for her... light palm parry for her hazanshu namely. Do not jump as gouken unless a perfectly timed EX dive kick for combo. Just stay grounded and play a boring fireball zoning Gouken and you will win 6 outta 4 easy.

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