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VesperArcade finishing up King of Fighers 13 challenge trials, considers them the hardest of any fighting game
#31 The Sf4 trials are easy i did all of them in little over an hour my first time the trails in kof are in a completely different level their are no easy inputs and the timing on the combos in kof are so strict you say that they look easy well get the game and try them they are in no way easy and Kof13 is a great game you would differently enjoy it.

Fei Long safe jumps, Gen's Hyakurenko and C.Viper anti-OS
Is the viper video from super in ae akumas u2 hits here crouching i think i don't see u2 that much but anyways using f,tk feint to avoid jump ins has been known for a long time people don't use that much because it's kinda hard to do on wake up and you can get thrown f,tk is not throw invincible on start up so if they os throw your screwed.

GVN Summer Jam 5 YouTube replays from Team Sp00ky
The mk9 matches were awesome.

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