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Elektra stage in Marvel vs. Capcom 3? Akuma cameo
@ cvs (currently #39) You might want to do some reading about that: If you'll note, of the other companies that have made Strider games, they all had to license it from Capcom first (although it is strange to note that due to multimedia collaboration that created Strider, the NES version of the game is just as legitimate as Capcom's primary version). In short, yes, Capcom does own the rights to use Strider.

Updated: Community news roundup for December 1st
@ MIRACLEfool You're right, those two characters are the only ones with enough of a sense of humor to throw that kind of line out. It's a little more racy than what Spidey normally goes for, though, so it is more likely to be Deadpool, but Spidey does adjust his lines for who he's facing off against, so it's not impossible it's coming from Spidey. Heck, Spiderman and Deadpool engaged in a "Yo' mama" battle ...

GodsGarden Super Street Fighter 4 online 2.0 results, archived video
Can't get back to sleep, forgot to see all the results from this weekend and just checked in now. So, there's only 3 matches left in this for next weekend (I assume on the dates). My opinions for the last matches in the finals (I haven't seen most of the matches for the finals): Daigo vs. YHC-Mochi: Win for Daigo. Daigo has stepped up his game vs. Sim in general. YHC-Mochi hasn't beaten anyone except ...

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