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Past comments by PsychoSSF2
SSBU: Kirby - Up Special
After using an aireal attack, Kirby players can follow them up with Up-B. This is useful, as you can spike opponents in midair, but it can sometimes lead to a Kirbycide, similar to Inhale. Final Cutter is also good for recovery, if you don't want to waste your jumps.

If you have an ability like the Ice Climbers Ice Shot or Ryu and Ken's Fireball and max out your jumps in midair, then use any of the abilities mentioned above, Kirby will perform an extra midair jump, although it sends Kirby upward less then his regular midair jumps. This also works with Shulk's Monado Arts, but only with three of them: Jump, Speed, and Shield. Jump sends Kirby higher during his jumps, Speed makes ...