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Past comments by Psycho
More Menat fan art from all around the web
Her battle costume sucks, ya'll like it only because she's showing her ass.

Ed remains in a Crush Counter-able state for an absurdly long 118 frames after his EX Psycho Upper
You're gonna punish him anyway. Not important.

Gunfight is the first Alex player to reach master rank; check out his outstanding play that allowed him to get there
Dude, that's sad because Alex had decent neutral and scary oki in Season 1. I think he was one of the few characters that was called "a momentum based character" before the metagame turned into what it is today.

Possible Street Fighter 5 leak hints at online training mode and a second cinematic story
they scrapped SFxT because the community lost interest in it while SFV is pretty much alive thanks to it.

Possible Street Fighter 5 leak hints at online training mode and a second cinematic story
Wasn't that Ring of Destiny?

Filipino Champ has livid outburst at Capcom after showing how easy it is to mash out Akuma's Raging Demon in Street Fighter 5
Chiiiiillllll, it was already mashe-able since SFIV.

Galtu tests Street Fighter 5 PC mod next to PlayStation 4 version to compare load times... it's almost painful to watch
This mod + vsync deactivated = the game that everyone wants! (almost)

Floe shares the secret of how to be a Urien expert with just one button: fierce punch; this 'tutorial' will have you in tears of laughter
Urien fierce is negative though (non charged) but I agree, Cc's all should be punishable. Also I hate CC sweeps sooo much.

Welp... Urien can hit his headbutt loop without Crush Counter; 35-hit monstrosity combo on Akuma will give you nightmares
That's one hard combo to do though.

Hilarious bug in Street Fighter 5 allows players to play as the Season 1 version of their character in ranked mode
LOL no, trial mode reverts characters to S1. The game warns you about it.