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SSB4: Ganondorf - Flame Choke
I am actually surprised my ssb4 friend doesnt use this at all.He uses Ganon but he never uses Ganoncide.I didn't know about it either.can't blame him!๐Ÿ˜„

SSB4: Ganondorf - Warlock Punch
Rotten Seagull,I think you could also punish some of pikachu's moves to,like maybe an quick attack going to damage it to make it unfair and also you can punish when he tries to eat you.I think that Warlock punch is better than yoshis eat you up and dump you out on the side of the ledge move at least in range.

SSB4: Ganondorf - Dark Dive
I would actually use this to attack because you can use the recovery for others very effectively with it also being a grab.firstly,it is either dodge or take the hit. If I am correct,there is probably a way to hit them with something else if they dodge.I wouldn't always use it though because then I would be predictable.

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