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TriForce's perspective on future of EMP's fighting game division
The above comment wasn't meant to be taken seriously, by the way. Emp isn't Jonestown and Triforce isn't Jim Jones. Whatever we may think of him, the fact remains that some of the best players in New York have been in his organization.

PC version of Super Street Fighter 4 AE, vanilla make top 10 list of most played
If you own a PC that can run AE at 60fps ($40 dual core CPU + $25 video card) and you're still playing the console version, you're doing it wrong.

Easy inputs aren't really the problem. The problem is that by trying to please both casual and hardcore players they'll probably end up with some middle-of-the-road solution that nobody will be happy with. If they wanted to go the Smash route, they should have stripped the game of traditional Street Fighter inputs completely and designed it completely around easy inputs. You can't just shoehorn something like that into the game and expect it to work.

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