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Past comments by Pharaoh63
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate crowd sings the 'DK Rap' all together during E3 2018 invitational and it's awesome
This. This is beautiful.

Ridley totally mocked Mario in his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer and it was absolutely savage
I’ve already seen a gif where someone recreated this, except Ridley is spinning Waluigi’s cap. THAT is true savagery. And also, are we going to ignore the fact that Ridley straight up IMPALED Mega Man?

'For Glory Little Mac' might be a thing of the past with his side special recovery buff in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Combine the use of directional dash, and Mac COULD have a bit of a recovery. As of now, he is E rank, above Palutena and below Charizard. This buffs could put him in D, maybe even C rank It almost feels as if Mac went into Smash, realized he needed more training to deal with foes that didn’t use traditional boxing, then came back in Ultimate and is ready for a rematch. Also, they referenced ...

Check out every Super Smash Bros. character to date in their high resolution 'Ultimate' forms
They’re ALL great. Game and Watch holding the 1 flag is nice, especially since it’s something I do as a hidden taunt. Personal favorite of mine, though, is Bowser. The high resolution, combined with the flare of anger in his eyes, and that gaping jaw, all let you now you’re in for a wild ride.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character select, stage select and pre fight screens revealed
All of the character portraits they made for this game look phenomenal. (Except MAYBE Luigi’s. I don’t know. On all of his portraits, he’s seemed to have gathered courage. This is the only SSB portrait where he is cowardly.)

Ridley revealed as playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
AND THEY SAID HE WAS TOO BIG. Seriously, though, IM STOKED. This game needed more villains and more Metroid characters. Ridley was a good solution. Meta Ridley skin looks nice. And one more thing, that Final Smash looks INCREDIBLE. Slam them into Samus’s Gunship as a taste of bitter vengeance, then blast Dragon Pulse straight at them. Glorious.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announced for Nintendo Switch
Where do I even BEGIN with this? There’s so much I want to say, yet not NEARLY enough time or space to say it. They brought back EVERY character. I look forward to playing with Wolf, Snake, Ice Climbers, and Red/Green. The Final Smashes look AMAZING. Fox/Falco’s, Bowser’s, and Dedede’s especially. Daisy, Inlkings and....RIDLEY?!? Just....dude. English Voice for Marth and voices for Miis. Buffs for Wolf, Palutena, Shulk, Link, and SAMUS. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, SAMUS ...

Dragon Ball FighterZ confirmed for the Nintendo Switch
Hype level increased by 3x. I’d imagine, as a person who likes gimmicky characters and low tiers, that my main team would be Ginyu, Beerus, and Android 21.

Dragon Ball, Naruto and One Piece converge for Bandai Namco's upcoming 'Jump Force' battle arena fighter
If we’re bringing other shonen anime into this, Natsu, Gon, and Midoriya are on my priority list. Also, I haven’t seen Death Note (plan on doing so at some point, though). Can someone inform me on how Light Yagami can fight? I’m assuming that his special moves will have a lot to do with the Japanese Death God hanging over his shoulder. (Speculation: Even though it might take a lot of data, have him sign ...

Dragon Ball, Naruto and One Piece converge for Bandai Namco's upcoming 'Jump Force' battle arena fighter
If done right, this could EASILY kill off BBTAG. It going to probably be mid-to-late 2019 before it’s released, though.... Still. I’m hype. Give me Ace and Beerus and I’m set.