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Past comments by Pharaoh63
Ruby Rose BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle gameplay revealed
I get it, the voice acting was annoying, but consider this. In the clip, they were using two Rubys at once. Maybe, with only one Ruby, it wouldn’t be as bad...?

Filipino Champ lands a 266 hit combo in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite while Jeondding styles with Lucky Chloe in Tekken 7 - SCR highlights
Basically, Dark Phoenix in a nutshell. Also, the ONLY positive of not having the X-Men characters in Infinite is that there won’t be characters like Magneto and PHOENIX who are really hard to deal with in their respective scenarios. But now we have Ultron, Dante is still here, and Dormammu got BUFFED.

He attacks with his blood, travels through dimensions and is almost always composed... except during sudden fits of insanity; let's get to know Jedah
Nice to see that some new characters are getting the spotlight in the MvC series. Maybe not as much as Ultron, but he’s getting quite a bit of love in play already.

Of the Infinity Stones in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Reality is looking like the most preferred thus far
This doesn’t surprise me, seeing as Reality is without a doubt the easiest stone to use in a battle. Not to mention, it works well with some popular characters like Ultron and Dormmy. No Time and Mind in the top eight? Also not surprising. People haven’t really found ways to take advantage of it.

Ultron and Dante prove popular in the first weekend of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite tournaments
I’m curious how DLC characters are going to rank on the popularity chart. Predictions: Sigma, Winter Soldier, and Monster Hunter will be decently played, like Thanos and Jedah. Venom will be highly prevelant. Uncertain about Black Widow and Black Panther.

Poll results: Should Android 21 and other original characters be playable in Dragon Ball FighterZ?
I agree with the majority here. It would be a missed opportunity if they made an original character, much less a 21ST AND FEMALE ANDROID, not playable in the game.

Ultron and Dante prove popular in the first weekend of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite tournaments
To be honest, I’m surprised that CAPTAIN MARVEL didn’t appear on as many teams as characters like Thanos or Jedah. Desk just showed a video where she can get EIGHT command throws, and it was WITHOUT ASSISTS. Also, because of good specials, maybe Mind Stone could see more use with her...

As is the case with most bulky characters, Space Stone is your best bet with Thanos. Easy combos, combined with high power, make for one terrifying time. If you want to mix things up, you could be able to try using the Mind Stone, as well. Thanos has some good supers, as he can get combos into Sovereign Decree into the air. The Mind Aston’s will help you get those supers fast, allowing for more ...

Partner her up with Zero and use Soul Stone. They both have specials that allow for cloning, so technically, you could potentially have four fighter scout on the screen at the same time!

This has been covered many times, but ROB is a solid character, especially in the air. We already know lots about him, like his down throw to up air true combo, but if you angle it right, it is possible to get a laser follow up at low percents. Also, one thing to note is that ROB’s down tilt can be used for jab locking, and also, be careful with the Gyro. You don’t want ...