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Past comments by Pharaoh63
Kanji Tatsumi, Platinum the Trinity and Orie announced as DLC characters for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
Am I the only one that realizes that this means the games roster size won’t be even for each franchise? Blazblue has 11 characters now with Platinum being added, which means we can get 10 for P4A and Under Night, but only 9 for RWBY. Great. But I am happy, because I’ve been waiting SO LONG for Kanji and Orie to be revealed. Whack ‘em with the chair, then slice and dice. Can’t wait!

'I can't hit Hit because every time I hit Hit I GET HIT!' - The Keef Crew shares a ton of hilarious things Dragon Ball FighterZ players say

Dragon Ball FighterZ bug allows characters to literally fly and... leave the fight entirely
This same bug happened years ago in Street Fighter X Tekken, except only (Bad Box Art) Mega Man could do it. If he had the higher health bar, it was an instant win. Guess this supports some people’s comments over Cross Tag Battle. Arc is becoming more like Capcom.

Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna announced as free DLC for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
Great move on Arc’s part. They’re starting to redeem themselves for the DLC disaster they created. Also, I’m probably going to main Yang with either Hazama or Yosuke, simply because they are characters I want to play with. Blake I will pocket (maybe a team-up with Makoto?). I BURN.

Iron Tager, Makoto, ν-No.13, and Es join BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
Iron Tager: Excited, mainly because he can fight against Waldstein Makoto: AT LONG LAST v-13: Not really excited, unless Sword of Destruction is involved Es: Okay Now, we need more characters from the other three, especially RWBY, and we’ll be good.

Street Fighter 5 PC mods: Menat dons fitness attire, Yasha from Asura's Wrath, and the Cuphead announcer
“A great slam and then some.” “HERE GOES!”

The Cuphead fight against Ribby and Croaks has references to eleven of the twelve original Street Fighter 2 characters
Four Kings slot machine? Urien entrance for Sally Stageplay? What’s next? Are they going to tell me that some of my other favorite bosses, like Djimmi the Great and Dr Kahl’s Robot (despite the ludicrous difficulty on the second one), have some loose connection to fighting games, too? Maybe they do, you never know. And yes. I KNOW that Dr Kahl already references Dr Wily and Dr Eggman, but maybe, there’s a fighting game connection ...

ArcSys is conducting a survey for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
As for third party and guest characters, expect a lot of people wanting GUILTY GEAR, especially characters like Sol and Kye who have been mainstays. Third party-Possibly anime or other fighter suggestions. Heck, I’ve seen someone do art for FILIA from Skullgirls. SAO is not far fetched in the anime department, and although I dislike Kirito like most, I might like playing as Amane. Not to mention, they’ve both been in a crossover fighting game ...

ArcSys is conducting a survey for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
For P4A, it’s going to be the Investigation Team. Blazblue, probably Hakumen, Valkenhynn, Arakune, or some other mainstay character. UNIEL-All I can say is Carmine will most likely be in. RWBY-Easily most hyped for me. Blake and Yang are guaranteed, but everything else is up in the air. I’m personally hoping for villains, like Cinder and Neo. These two would work really well in the game and, unlike other popular RWBY characters, can be included ...

All colors for each of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's new premium costumes
THATS the Dante from the DMC remake. A game which many people disliked, but somehow, they made him look good here, so kudos to them.