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Past comments by Pharaoh63
New BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle trailer shows off the game's modes and features including story and online
I love that the RWBY Chibi series is getting (somewhat) of a spotlight (Insert overused Katana joke here). I ADORE the animation for the story. What got me hyped, though...was that they showed Black Onslaught for a brief second in the trailer. Guys, Astral Heats are confirmed. BONUS: I’m concerned as to why Ruby is thanking Hazama...

Blastoise Pokkén Tournament DX gameplay footage
That is an interesting detail. It is similar to how they gave Pikachu the move Iron Tail, probably because of the anime, where Iron Tail was one of Pikachu’s moves since (I think) the Gen 3 seasons. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Blastoise Pokkén Tournament DX gameplay footage
I understand that people are complaining about the model. They state, in a case that I agree with, that the limbs are a bit off. But that doesn’t mean you should stay away from the character. That said, I really look forward to playing with this turtle tank. I won’t main or second him (Gengar, Decidueye, and Aegislash make my top team. GO GHOSTS!), but I might get good enough with him to use him ...

Aigis, Carmine, and Jubei revealed for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle character pack 2
Well, now we have a nice new Persona character, a SECOND antagonist (I like Hazama as a character, but he can’t get all the villainous spotlight), and a Blazblue character that was, coincidentally, revealed JUST BEFORE Cross Tag for CF. I think the phrase “The spring is nigh!” is a cue for a RWBY character. Pyrrha? Cinder? ANYONE? I’m not sure, but ArcSys hit this DLC Pack out of the Park.

SonicFox shows off a Dragon Ball FighterZ touch of death combo on an opponent's entire team
General Rule of Thumb: If it’s a fighting game, SonicFox is exceptional at it. This proves that Fighterz is no exception for this rule. GO1 is going to be in for the time of his life.

The Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. will need strong 3rd party characters to compete with its predecessors - here are six that would do the trick
I personally agree with Professor Icepick. Shantae is a character I would LOVE to have in the game (not in that way). WayForward even pushed on social media to have people vote for her. I used my vote on her. They could make use of either animal transformations or the gear she uses in Pirates Curse. If Shantae was out in the game, I would at LEAST pick her up as a secondary.

Italian Streamer takes Blanka from Rookie to Diamond rank online in just over 15 hours in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
Me: Wow, this is amazing! Getting to Diamond rank in less than a day is no easy task. Also me: They keep referencing Hercules. And also, is that a reference to the Street Fighter movie (you know, the cheesy live-action one) in the second paragraph?

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle's story will feature fights on the 'Phantom Field' - Arc System Works shares details on the game's different modes
Hmmmmm.....this is definitely a way to get me interested. Question, though: Is this canon? My guess is no, but do we have confirmation?

BlazBlue director and Guilty Gear creator discuss accessibility while keeping depth and why male ArcSys characters lack nipples in new interview
Also, all four of the suggestions are great. I’m just not sure how they would work out the licensing issues. If they did though, I wouldn’t be able to wait very long. Especially for the latter two.

BlazBlue director and Guilty Gear creator discuss accessibility while keeping depth and why male ArcSys characters lack nipples in new interview
Faust giving an.....examination based on a luck-based mini game for a super? Perfectly fine. Characters like Noel, Makoto, and Elphelt? Totally acceptable. Nips? No. Just stating it plainly.