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Android 16 motivates Gohan to obliterate Cell in special intro and dramatic finish Easter eggs
I think part of it also is that some people have never watched Dragon Ball Z. So these lore scenes taken straight from that show would've otherwise been surprises to them, I guess.

Android 21 steals her opponents' moves; character showcase from Game Informer shows off supers, specials and reveals how to unlock her
Fighting Kid Buu was already a pain in beta. Looks like she's Kid Buu on steroids. Even more fun is that likely we'll be fighting an army of both combined. Looks like I gotta get ready to block those lows. That said she's a phenomenally designed character. If she's any indication of how the new characters will play I say bring them on.

First look at Android 21's gameplay and moves in Dragon Ball FighterZ
She looks absolutely phenomenal. Thanks for the link!

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