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Ultra Street Fighter 4
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Street Fighter 5's online tournament mode features some interesting rules like requiring a wired connection and raising objections to laggy opponents
How about instead of requiring people to have a 3mbps netcode, you FIX YOUR NET CODE and actually make a fighting game worth while? Stupid Crapcom, jeez.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Combo Video
Unfortunately, I am. But, I think I have to give it up, after all these years...fighting games, EH...the whole ball of wax. It's just not the same anymore and the games are rather terrible, well, mostly netcodes. Anyway, farewell. Fond memories have been had.

Victrix Pro FS fightstick review: Sleek, stylish, and worthy of its hefty price tag
It's funny how these manufacturers charge you so much money for a gathering of parts (buttons and stick and pcb) that might run you $80, plus $50-$100 for a decent case, or you could make your own, and they all function and do the same thing in the end. Why pay that much money when you can buy a stick with the same internals for less than half the price? Granted, it does look sexy ...

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