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Trade cr. HP into st. HP for the K.O., Perfects scored on Pepeday and NativeImpact: Smug earns himself another USF4 highlight reel
Nope, no machine gun blow on hit is negative.

Why is Dhalsim 'getting nerfed' and Yun 'getting buffed' in Ultra Street Fighter 4 v1.03? Bafael's latest video demonstrates why
He said that because of blue eyes and straight hair, guess he knows jacks**t about genetics and flat irons

IFC Yipes vs. Sanford Kelly first-to-100! Two of Marvel vs. Capcom 2's greatest warriors currently playing massive set
Someone is ending that s**t with rsi...

Sakurai reveals why Super Smash Bros. 3DS will support the new model's C-Stick but not the Circle Pad Pro
When I leave my mouse polling rate too high it really eats the cpu up to 10%....

Desk returns to show that Chun-Li's LP into Lightning Legs is an excellent pressure tool, and incredibly difficult to perform in USF4
Execution is only one part of playing this game, he might even suck at it as far as I know, do you guys think he would hit all those under the pressure of a tournament?

Smug's tier rankings for Dudley in Ultra Street Fighter 4
I don't know where did he take guile is an easy matchup from and sagat a hard one... If he says so I guess.

Next Level Battle Circuit #87 results, archive ft. Smug, Sabin, Flux, Shine, Spabrog, and more
Yeah... Smugles...

Daigo, Xian, Kazunoko, and Xiao Hai invited to compete at Canada Cup Master Series - 8-man, pay-per-view invitational tournament
Time for Daigo to redeem...

Luffy vs. Ryan Hart: Rose's sweep is safe from Sagat's focus attack, fireballs gain meter 2x as fast - DreamHack Valencia 2014 USF4 grand finals
Only her meter building, I agree it should be nerfed only that though...

EVO 2014 breaks record for registrations, full rundown of numbers for all games
Just crazy...almost 2k for usf4, suprised with marvel I thought smash was going to beat it.