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Street Fighter 5 will use rollback-based netcode similar to GGPO, wants 'to bring back that sense of 'Oh my!' moments like . . . Third Strike'
Instead of delay there will be tiny rollbacks troughout the match. Sure if the connections are bad it can get really choppy and with massive rollbacks. so it will be perfect for people playing close to each other, in a game where reactions are a big thing this is a must. That is why quite a lot of players look down on sf4 online

From tiny trophies to double knock outs, Capcom Fighters count down their top five moments from Stunfest
Hahahaha that was awesome man.

Desk Omega CMV roundup: Elena juggles with 5 Scratch Wheels, Dudley 27-hit combo, Gouken, Fei Long
Her juggles on omega are actually more cool that most of the other character

PR Balrog to retire from his fighting games career this year, but will go out with a bang with EVO and Capcom Cup 2015
Losing someone of his caliber in our still tiny fgc will suc* for sure, But I really do hope after 2015 everything will be different... Show us what you got man, I can hardly wait for this year's evo and capcup.

Luffy's 5 consecutive reads, Infiltration's 'final pixel of health' turnaround, Tokido gets 2 rounds stolen in a row - USF4 Amazing Comebacks
I think I watched every single one of these live lol

Daigo said 'it's over [for Ryu]' when he first saw Decapre, feels the match is terrible - Topanga TV interview discusses Capcom Cup and more
That is actually pretty wrong, its like saying "go and pick Yun, make filipino champ free" Nope, he knows he has no Yun anymore, its not a world of free command grabs immune to throw anymore..

Which characters do you want to see playable in Street Fighter 5? Cast your votes now!
Vote Dudley and Q people let capcom see :D

Combofiend explains why having mechanics that give new players a 'fighting chance' is important to help them stick around & not give up
Not cutting it, when I watch pros playing mvc3 with vergil and alike I almost vomit...

Desk's new video: Buffs for E. Honda, Ryu and T. Hawk lead to new combo possibilities in Ultra Street Fighter 4 Ver. 1.04
all honda got really is a really bad ass punish, but this is it... unless you can hit confirm into ex hands that is.

Mike Ross vs. Combofiend: the 1st Street Fighter 5 real match - watch the stage demo from Capcom Cup 2014 again
I liked a lot what I've seen... Hits that hitconfirm for a long time and quite negative on block, it looks like it will be a heavy footsie game with tons of hitconfirms into ultra and other buttons; and normals doing recoverable chip damage makes it even better...