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Past comments by PainKiller
Impressive patience and nerves of steel - Kent4ro's Zangief is a threat in Street Fighter 5
Didn't noticed the red Zangief too? the guy removed them with mods...

Nemo: Ryu is the strongest character in Street Fighter 5, because of one over-powered move
Well... If you block the light hadouken you really gonna have to eat another one so, its strong sure, but a bunch of characters just zap trought fireballs...

Here are all of Ryu's Street Fighter 5 trials
I made trial 10 on the first try lol... This is funny, also, I made trial 8 without reading the commands, I read and did while doing the combo lol

Daigo recreates the crazy Dhalsim punish from GameStop's SF4 national tournament in a real Street Fighter 5 match
You can parry shoryuken or even crouch fierce on any of sims limbs, its a safer option, they have way less time to react and crush counter you.

First look at Alex in Street Fighter 5 - March update detailed
Thank goodness they removed this crouch tech, it was stupid...

Check out Steam's brand new Street Fighter 5 trading cards
Just got Cammy and Karin right now.

THAT'S the voice actor for Zangief? Meet the voices behind the Street Fighter 5 cast
Laura Bailey <3 Kreygasm

EventHubs 2015 top 50 Ultra Street Fighter 4 players 1-10 - it all comes to an end
Yeah, can't argue this top 10, as a matter of fact you could swap all of them randomly and it would still be hard to tell if it is or not more accurate than this actual one.

EventHubs 2015 top 50 Ultra Street Fighter 4 players 21-30 - crossing halfway mark with 801 Strider, Pepeday, Smug, Dieminion and Itazan
Keoma on top of strider? :o No lies there tho, if he went overseas sooner I think he would make 20 to 11 imo.

Have you ever seen the EVO moment #37 match? Justin's turtling was a sight to behold, check it out here
sigh... I know I should have let this post die with the 37 comments its supposed to have but, COMBO BREAKER!