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How to select the same character three times on a single team in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Some things should not be posted Cat. Seriously! Save editing, on here! And yet we aren't allowed to curse in the comments. I'm done.

Updated: Mortal Kombat X features multiple variations of each character, new cast members, game modes & graphics engine
This is basically MK TRilogy/Ultimate MK3/MK Gold for the next gen¿ Sign me up.

Lilith from DarkStalkers, at one point, was going to either be male or an hermaphrodite - Capcom Densetsu article talks about the close shave
I originally though Lilith was either a dude, or futa, or a weird incubus. A number of stuff I used to read then had some "other team" incubi.

Updated: Ed Boon all but confirms new Mortal Kombat is in the works, posts reworked logo
It's real, Ed Boon's twitter account has confirmed it, and he's changed his avatar and such to match it.

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist director Joey Ansah talks about Capcom getting 'cold feet' on SF: Legacy; Mike Moh (Ryu) on preparing for his role
".....And I was like, 'What part of you guys thought this wasn't going to be a success?'" All I can say is [IFC Yipes voice activated]: Wut an Ansah! >_>

'Juri has one of the strongest Ultras, not used to its true potential' - PR Balrog on what characters he wants to play in Ultra SF4, and why
Did you just call Yang a girl indirectly¿ Or is he being ignored¿ Juri's U1 is used to its full potential by most Juri players I know and play with. Lots of Engine Killers online as well.

Ultimate cosplay? Photos of Kitana, Sonya, Liu Kang and more surface in full costume for cancelled HD remake of Mortal Kombat
Nooooooooooooooooooo.These look awesome. So you're telling me, we would have gotten MK 1/2/3 in HD. Dammit all. Well, here's to hoping we get them on the XB1 or PS4

General news roundup: Skullgirls Encore free for PS Plus members in May, Injustice Joker guide, KoF13 Kyo combos, discounted games, and more
I've missed seeing the News Roundup/Events Roundup class of articles on here. BB: CP and JJKB;ASB need their own logo icons.......the discrimination :P /jk

Handsome fighters lose battles? Cross Counter team challenges Vega player with K-Brad & Infiltration - Ep. 13 of Excellent Adventures 2014
@#27 bagel_bytez: Nope, this show is really good, I love it, but I'd rather have my Orphan Black and Game of Thrones. Of course when those two aren't available, Gemtecks and Rossington all the way. They're smooth with their chemistry.

Mike Ross makes iPeru salute his shorts, BJ Unchained knocks NuckleDu out the park, and more: Top 5 SSF4 AE v2012 moments from NCR 2014
I thought it was a Simpson's show reference.