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Capcom is in prime position to add guest characters into Street Fighter 5, here's why it would be smart for Season 2's DLC roster
Seems there's a good amount of folks who hate the idea of guest characters. I think that if they're gonna add a guest character from another capcom game, it should be to add hype for a game that may be in development. Also, if they're gonna add a guest character... limit it to just one, maybe two at most. Definitely not morrigan though. I love morrigan, she's one of my favorite fictional characters in general. ...

Sirlin's cr.MP is the stuff of legends: Used move 18 consecutive times in grand finals in Alpha 2 days
And this is why I love fighting games.

Ibuki Air Throw glitch removed with Street Fighter 5's 1.05 patch
Lol It's comments like these that brings me to these threads.

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