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Of the Infinity Stones in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Reality is looking like the most preferred thus far
If you have a character with a projectile/beam super, you can punish the surge on reaction. If you've got a character with armor (Thanos, Nemesis), you can get a full combo off on them as well. I don't think it's overpowered, it's ease of use is a good thing for less experienced players, and of course for players with some skill. The game is still pretty young, and even if Reality Stone remains popular in ...

Malaysian government blocks access to Steam over religiously controversial new fighting game
I remember watching a Smite stream and hearing the streamer and those on his coms talk about "what if Jesus was in this game?", It was a lighthearted conversation with a few wisecracks here and there. Unfortunately, spirituality/religion is never a game for some people. Not surprised this happened. When I first heard Moses was in this game I didn't think it would be accepted everywhere.

Arguably the world's best Street Fighter 5 player at the age of 18: Let's take a look back at Punk's competitive year on the road to EVO 2017
One of the only reasons I still watch SFV. Punk, with all his name and play brings to the table, is good for the game and the community.

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