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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Little Mac
Tekken 7
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SSB4: Ganondorf - Left/Right Smash Attack
In combination with Warlock punch in combos, this is a feared smash that causes opponents to roll away in caution. This move combos well in low and high percentages, and causes fear to build early game. Combos well with: Flame Choke: In this tech chase, several options arise (including teching in some situations). Rolling back, getting up, countering, forward rolling, and each teching option in those. Half of those can be punished with an Fsmash, ...

SSB4: Ganondorf - Warlock Punch
Here is a technique that, I'm not sure if it's already been said, but it has such a difficult read, it works more than it misses: High percentage kills are really the only reliable way to kill Ganondorf, and it's easiest by kills off the top of the stage. Knowing the rang of Wizard's Foot in midair, and how many frames it lasts, you start the Warlock Punch, turning or not as you please. If ...

SSB4: Ganondorf - Left/Right Tilt Attack
This kick is not only essential, but with the very few combo set-ups Ganondorf is "allowed", this one "knocks them out of the park". with the speed it takes to let loose, it combos nicely with flame choke in more than half the tech options available (if you decide not to use Fsmash). Plus, Salty points for opposite field kills via "THIS IS SPARTA" kick

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