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Past comments by NurseLee
'Samurai Shodown is the ultimate secondary game to have' - Majin and Raptor explore how Samurai Shodown is making all the right moves right now
Thanks for the podcast! Love you guys! Take care!

Why risking nothing in Street Fighter 5 can cost you everything; plus Dragon Ball FighterZ tourney stoppages, Season 4 week one reactions and more
Just want to say I love you guys! keep it up!!!!

Meaty fireball combos are now possible for Ryu thanks to Season 4 buffs in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
Just FYI People, A Crush Counter Sweep and No Recovery = Same timing on wakeup. Unless your character's sweep is a slide... let's just stay that becomes a bit more technical because of their active-frames.

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition mode details mention over 200 endings, how the paths work, and more
Hi guys NurseLee here! I notice a few buffs and nerfs! Ryu's EX-DP does more damage now in SFV AE! SFV Season 2: EX-DP = 160 dmg SFV AE:EX-DP = 250 dmg! I cant clip it, but i can share link and time stamps! Here's the link: For Ryu, at 00:17:26 Right after Ryu's EX-DP confirm, Look at the Number Counter and it will display 250. Ken lost throw loops! At the corner, Ken ...

Alleged Helen leak for Street Fighter 5 claims she has ice powers, a two bar V-Trigger, rekkas and more
Awesome! More Meatys! More Content that I shall create!

Street Fighter 5 Season 2 roundup: Urien KOs Cammy in two combos, Akuma meaty set ups, 1,000 stun Juri sequence
Thanks for the share Event hubs!

Street Fighter 5 servers down for maintenance until 5 p.m. PDT, Akuma inbound

Threatening meaty set ups, devastating frame traps for days: Here's some very useful tech for a character we rarely see in Street Fighter 5
Thanks for the share guys! I hope everyone enjoys the content i create and I'll try to create more for the community. take care!!!!!

Street Fighter 5 tech roundup: Laura mix up guide, Juri instant overhead sequence, Guile meaty set ups presented in RPG style, and more
Great Video everyone!

Capcom fixed bugs for over half of Street Fighter 5 characters in the latest update
Before the Patch: When cammy lands an EX-Dive Kick, She could follow up another attack that causes an air-juggle reset. And once air-reset, it will cause her opponents to technically force-stand before they recover; Thus, allowing her to successfully land a hooligan-throw. However this patch has fix the bug. Hope this helps and take care!