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Latest Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer features gameplay footage of Hit, Beerus and Goku Black
Bulma being playable would never happen. She's not a fighter.

Maximilian reaches 500,000 subscriber milestone on YouTube; here is his heartfelt thank you message
Only thing I don't like about Max is being an enabler towards pushing bad company practices. You guys make it sound like he killed your cat or something.

'Before you ask [a better player], try to think about the situation on your own to find an answer' - Machaboo explains how to develop reads, or 'yomi'
What analogy? He's right. Blocking a fireball is the safest option, but it's not a counter - you're still in the same situation you were before he threw it, or worse against some characters.

Mira is an archetype we've never seen in modern fighting games; here's why she'll be a genuine threat in the right hands
Yeah, A.B.A and Carmine did it first. The playstyle isn't really seen outside of anime fighters, but it definitely isn't unique.

First footage of Kum Haehyun and Raven in new Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator trailer
So far away. :[

Capcom is shying away from charge moves in Street Fighter 5, so what does that mean for Balrog and Guile?
Like I said before, just lower the time it takes to charge. KOF and GG have charge moves ready after 30f compared to SF4's 55-60f, and character in those games certainly aren't down-backing the whole time.

Street Fighter 5's first DLC characters are still in the conceptual stage, Capcom aiming to make Balrog 'fun in a different way than he's been so far'
"From a battle design perspective, charge characters need to have their moves strengthened a bit since they can't keep firing them relentlessly without building charge first, but this also causes the problem that we can't really create charge characters that are actively offensive." Yes you can. Just shorten the time it takes to charge a move. Other fighters like KOF and Guilty Gear have already done this - it only takes 30 frames to charge ...

Critical Arts in Street Fighter 5 will never scale below 50% damage; Bafael expertly analyzes the mechanics that make SF5 unique
I can't stand the damage scaling in SF4, so making supers actually worth it more is great news for me.

Street Fighter 5 roundup: Zangief LP SPD range comparison, audio glitch makes Ryu pant like a dog, Dhalsim combos, and more
Worked fine for Sol Badguy.

Community Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod, Project M, ceases development after six-year run
With the amount of strong relationships and memorable moments people built from this mod over 6 years, it is very much like a death in the family for a lot of the Smash community. The only person being idiot is you. If you're going to act so casually callous about it then please be quiet and keep it to yourself.