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SSBM with characters: [u'Jigglypuff', u'Young Link']
Famously demonstrated by Armada and HungryBox to be a seriously even MU. Jigg's offensive game is straightforward, but YL can be difficult to catch and has a very good projectile game against her with very good followups on bombs connecting. The specter of this MU prompted HBox to pull out a Ness against YL (which was unsuccessful) but it's clear Jiggs can put up a fight with valiant effort.

SSBM with characters: [u'Falco', u'Sheik']
One of the most complex matchups. Nearly everyone evaluates this MU as even, but there is much both sides have to do. It's awkward for both parties and they both have to use tools they shouldn't use in other MUs. Sheik is very comboable and grabbable, but near the edge she can convert a grab to a stock with relative ease. Falco has to place smart lasers, maximize his punishes, and stay in the awkward ...

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