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CIA agents being detailed on CFN? It's hard to tell their story relevance, but David Spender and Julian Lee are currently working a difficult case...
If David turns out to be Q. My mind will be blown and I will forever love Q.

An astounding read leads to a truly incredible SPD comeback, Itazan defeats Tokido for a spot in the 6th Topanga League finals
What is with the spoiler... :( couldnt you link us to a youtube copy of this match?

52-hit Kazuya/Heihachi restand combo, Lars and Raven get the perfect, and more: Here are five of the dirtiest Street Fighter X Tekken team beat-downs
If Im wrong, I apologize. I don't remember seeing them guys play at any USA events, I'm gonna have to double check youtube videos. You say they stopped because of the money. However top Asian players (Dakou, Mago, Tokido etc) were still entering KOF13 tournaments even though that had way less money than SF4. I just dont think the Asian region liked SFxT.

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