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DBFZ with characters: [u'Blue Goku', u'Blue Vegeta']
Why is this match up favorable to Bluku ? They don't have anything that makes one superior to the other if they face each others. Bluku has no defensive options and has some annoying gap that can easily be punished by rush moves ( which Blugeta has ), while Blugeta is more about no gap pressure and has good ways to beat reflect. Bluku also doesn't have beam projectiles, something that is annoying for Blugeta. ...

DBFZ with characters: [u'Goku Black', u'Vegeta']
People are underestimating Vegeta's defense. Like, a lot.

DBFZ with characters: [u'Adult Gohan', u'Frieza']
Gotenks, Teen Gohan, Kid Buu, Krillin, Freeza can actually crouch and punish Gohan's EX multi kicks. Which means that one of his best tools doesn't work on them. I think that's worth 6 - 4 for a character that doesn't struggle that much in neutral, like Freeza.

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