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Past comments by Mr_Pyro
Ono teasing Akuma's appearance in Street Fighter 5? Akuma has a new hair style?
They've taken the censorship too far.............

Five characters are used by over 60% of the people competing at Capcom Cup 2016, character breakdown for event
M. Bison buffs incoming.

Morrigan, Bayonetta, Karin, Laura and more, Dandonfuga's character artwork is captivating
Guys, I have the solution that is win-win for everybody ever: post a bunch of fan art for Hot Ryu.

Why exactly has Capcom rearranged the Street Fighter 5 character select screen for Urien? Fan theories for future DLC begin to circulate
Because it would be distracting how asymmetrical it would be. On the other hand, what about the slots above?

Anti-air jabs are out, big damage is in; here's how EventHubs readers would change Street Fighter 5
Honestly, fix the 8f and add a tad more combo variety and I think you've got an incredible fighter when it comes to gameplay. Forward dashes are fine. They increase the pace of the game and keep it on the offensive. I think what Nash needs is the 8f greatly reduced and perhaps his animation tweaked somewhat to better convey his movement. The heavy damage, in my opinion, is something that all versions of SFIV ...

Matt Dahlgren - One of our top priorities right now is getting fans the single player story mode content they’ve been waiting for
Even giving checkpoints in survival mode would be fine with me. Still stupid, but it'd be an improvement.

Combofiend: My favorite unreleased DLC character is Balrog... he hits really, really hard
I gotta agree based on what very little I've seen so far. It's not so much the damage but that heavy feeling of impact that I've wanted for a while.

Someone created a faux Arcade Mode for Street Fighter 5, and it actually looks pretty legitimate
This isn't a mod though...

Updated: First 10 minutes of Street Fighter 5's Story Mode shown, get a proper look at the cinematic experience coming later this month
Okay, fine. This exceeded my expectations greatly so far.

Mortal Kombat 11? Kombat Pack 3? Or a Shaolin Monks sequel? Ed Boon is asking fans what they want next
How about proper PC support, jackass?