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Past comments by Mr_Pyro
Next Street Fighter 5 DLC character to be revealed during Hong Kong eSports Festival top 8

Demitri's Midnight Bliss special attack hides many Easter eggs if performed on Street Fighter characters in Capcom Fighting Evolution
This guy and a few others are like walking encyclopedias in that thread. It's worth checking out here and there (yes, I'm aware they're currently discussing boobs).

'Every match tends to finish in the same style no matter who is playing... and that's not exciting' - Daigo on the one change he wants most for SF5
I completely agree. And I think a superficial way of adding that variety would be the creation of two "V-systems" (as I would call them) during character selection; one set v-skill and one set v-trigger for each one. This doesn't account for what the game really needs, though, such as additional combos and approaches. I want to see a match where a footsies-based Ryu can be just as effective as an aggressive Ryu in the ...

Which Street Fighter 5 characters are overrated in Season 2.5? Here's what our readers think
Hakan's so weak he doesn't even deserve to be in the list.

Character modeler for Disney's Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph and Big Hero 6 draws Chun-Li in true Disney fashion
Dammit, now I want her to have a co-star role in Wreck-It Ralph 2.

Our readers are mostly supportive of the idea behind a Super Street Fighter 5 relaunch; see the poll results here
tl;dr version: improve on presentation, polish, and variety. Presentation: Fix the clipping and physics (cloth moving frantically for no clear reason, for example). They're especially distracting in the story mode. Ken's face, whether it be changing his expressions or his face as a whole, should be addressed. It's very uncomfortable to look at. Keep playing on the nostalgia. They've done a pretty good job with this, but having Akuma and then new, unknown characters in ...

PC mods: Overwatch's Reaper enters the Street Fighter 5 battle
An excellent mod. Now we need Soldier 76 over Guile and we've got a showdown.

You can now filter out certain stages from random select when playing Street Fighter 5 online
Well, good to know the game's launch is off to a great start. (please don't kill me)

Could these be Street Fighter 5 season 2's 'brand new' warriors? The silhouettes match these five characters the best so far
Number 2 is possibly Byron.

Akuma announced for Street Fighter 5; releases December 20th - five other silhouettes for season 2 shown
Helen, Byron, Abel?, Shadaloo doll, ???