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Past comments by Mr_Clack
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Ryu, Magneto, Sentinel combos from Rayray19wun
This IS the team Daigo used in his EVO 2k11 Message.

Sven proposed Capcom vs. Capcom game several times
^Incorrect Format. The VS was supposed to be placed Center under the pc in Capcom. ----Capcom---- ------VS------

Sven proposed Capcom vs. Capcom game several times
MOst of Capcom's MvC3 choices were good save for, Morrigan, HsienKo, Arthur, which nobody can do anything with. Marvel's usless ones seem to be MODOK and SpiderMan but those have potential. Capcom Should call it Capcom V-S (Capcom Vee Es) ----Capcom---- VS

Video message from Daigo Umehara about EVO 2011
If Daigo wanted our money then he should have kept his mouth SHUT and been a surprise entrant @ eVo. Now most people are not gonna pay to play in EvO and Daigo will get LESS money.

PlayStation Network is partially back online, restoration process begun
I wonder if Kaz is reading off cue cards or TelePrompters?

Cross Counter: How To Train For A Major Tournament
I dont think this vid will be very popular. Most of us are proud to be scrubs.

E. Honda Super Street Fighter 4 guide updated
Mike Ross Approved!!!

No delay expected for Super Street Fighter 4 AE because of PSN outage
Oh Well they nerfed 3 of my characters and gave them nothing in return HELL with AE.

Japanese blog site recaps Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition details
After 106 hours I got my Hakan to Master now I have to try again? Oh well! It's good that I have free high-speed internet and not have to worry about work/school/dating/parents. LaLaLaaaaa

Cross Counter Marvel vs. Capcom 3 training DVD, video vol. 1
How do we retweet the message and how do we get it sent to us by doing so?