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Dee Jay
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Justin Wong, PR Balrog: Guile's auto-correct Ultra 1 & faster startup is least favorite change in Ultra Street Fighter 4
i dont understand the problem.. he can still be safe jumped... u shouldnt even jump on him when he has a down back charge anyways. lol silly

Unblockable set ups discovered in Killer Instinct
Orchid can also do this after the first hit of her command overhead or after any hit after her overhead rekkas.

5 Ultras in one combo, 183 hits with Orchid - Vesper Arcade sets the current record for most hits without using Counter Breaker in Killer Instinct
you can also get 2 air grabs after the upper firecat, you have to delay the first air grab so you recover just as the opponent bounces off the ground then follow up with another air grab. So technically it should be "184 Hits" with Orchid.

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