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Toon Link
Most of Toon links' attacks have amazing launch power, so using him should get you some easy victories. To get some damage on opponents, try using some attacks to juggle the enemy, then finish them off with a forward aerial. If juggling isn't your thing, try using bombs and the bow and arrow. The arrows can bring damage up to a good amount when used in quick succession.

Wii Fit Trainer
Wii fit trainer is an interesting addition to this edition of Smash. Her Smash attacks are a little slow but, they can kill at around 90%. One of her best moves is her side B, Header. It has many uses, such as, gaining more altitude for recovery, or for meteor smashing. I use the latter for edge guarding for many people won't expect it. Sun salutation, Neutral B, is a projectile attack that heals you ...

As the villager it is best to keep enemies at a distance. This can be done by short hopping and using his side aerial attack. You can also use his side B to distract the opponent and hit him with your side aerial. The villagers' tree is a very powerful attack but, it requires some planning to execute it. Instead of chopping the tree down right away, try attacking people with the axe.

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